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serpentine groundsel, Siskiyou butterweed, western ragwort

Habit Perennials, 7–15+ cm; fibrous-rooted (caudices relatively slender).

1, glabrous or sparsely tomentose.

Basal leaves

(and proximal cauline) petiolate;

blades ovate, oblanceolate, or spatulate, 10–30 × 5–20 mm, bases tapering, sometimes obtuse, margins entire, subentire, or dentate.

Cauline leaves

abruptly reduced (sessile, clasping; bractlike, entire).


bracteate (bractlets red-tinged), densely lanate-tomentose.


1–4+ in corymbiform arrays.

Ray florets


corolla laminae 6–10+ mm.

Disc florets


corolla tubes 2.5–3.5 mm, limbs 3–4 mm.


(13–)21, green (tips red or dark red), densely tomentose proximally.


conspicuous (bractlets narrow, red-tinged).


1.5–2 mm, glabrous;

pappi 5–6 mm.


= 46.

Packera hesperia

Phenology Flowering mid Apr–mid Jun.
Habitat Serpentine derived soils, open woodland scrub
Elevation 500–2500 m [1600–8200 ft]

Of conservation concern.

Packera hesperia is known only from the Siskiyou Mountains.

(Discussion copyrighted by Flora of North America; reprinted with permission.)

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Parent taxa Asteraceae > tribe Senecioneae > Packera
Sibling taxa
P. anonyma, P. antennariifolia, P. aurea, P. bernardina, P. bolanderi, P. breweri, P. cana, P. cardamine, P. castoreus, P. clevelandii, P. contermina, P. crocata, P. cymbalaria, P. cynthioides, P. debilis, P. dimorphophylla, P. eurycephala, P. fendleri, P. flettii, P. franciscana, P. ganderi, P. glabella, P. greenei, P. hartiana, P. hyperborealis, P. indecora, P. ionophylla, P. layneae, P. macounii, P. malmstenii, P. millefolium, P. millelobata, P. multilobata, P. musiniensis, P. neomexicana, P. obovata, P. ogotorukensis, P. pauciflora, P. paupercula, P. plattensis, P. porteri, P. pseudaurea, P. quercetorum, P. sanguisorboides, P. schweinitziana, P. spellenbergii, P. streptanthifolia, P. subnuda, P. tampicana, P. texensis, P. tomentosa, P. tridenticulata, P. werneriifolia
Synonyms Senecio hesperius, Senecio auleticus
Name authority (Greene) W. A. Weber & Á. Löve: Phytologia 49: 47. (1981)
Source Flora of North America vol. 20, p. 589.
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