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common hedge-mustard, common tumble-mustard, hedge mustard

Habit Annuals; glabrous or pubescent.

erect, branched distally, 2.5–7.5(–11) dm, usually sparsely to densely hirsute, (trichomes retrorse), rarely glabrate distally.

Basal leaves

usually rosulate;

petiole (1–)2–7(–10) cm;

blade broadly oblanceolate or oblong-obovate (in outline), (2–)3–10(–15) cm × (10–)20–50(–80) mm, margins lyrate-pinnatifid, pinnatisect, or runcinate;

lobes (2)3 or 4(5) on each side, oblong or lanceolate, smaller than terminal lobe, margins entire, dentate, or lobed, (terminal lobe suborbicular or deltate, margins dentate).

Cauline leaves

similar to basal;

blade with lobe margins dentate or subentire.


sepals erect, oblong-ovate, 2–2.5 × ca. 1 mm;

petals spatulate, 2.5–4 × 1–2 mm, claw 1–2 mm;

filaments (erect, yellowish), 2–3 mm;

anthers ovate, 0.3–0.5 mm.

Fruiting pedicels

erect, (appressed to rachis), stout, narrower than fruit, 1.5–3(–4) mm.


(erect), subulate-linear, straight, slightly torulose or smooth, stout, (0.7–)1–1.4(–1.8) cm × 1–1.5 mm;

valves glabrous or pubescent;

ovules 10–20 per ovary;

style (0.8–)1–1.5(–2) mm;

stigma slightly 2-lobed.


1–1.3 × 0.5–0.6 mm.


= 14.

Sisymbrium officinale

Phenology Flowering Apr-late Sep.
Habitat Roadsides, fields, pastures, waste grounds, deserts
Elevation 0-2200 m [0-7200 ft]
from FNA
AK; AL; AR; CA; CT; DE; FL; GA; IA; ID; IL; IN; KS; KY; LA; MA; MD; ME; MI; MN; MO; MS; MT; NC; NH; NJ; NM; NY; OH; OK; OR; PA; RI; SC; SD; TN; TX; UT; VA; VT; WA; WI; WV; AB; BC; MB; NB; NF; NS; NT; ON; PE; QC; YT; Europe; Asia; n Africa [Introduced in North America; introduced also in Central America, South America, Australia]
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Source FNA vol. 7, p. 670.
Parent taxa Brassicaceae > tribe Sisymbrieae > Sisymbrium
Sibling taxa
S. altissimum, S. erysimoides, S. irio, S. linifolium, S. loeselii, S. orientale, S. polyceratium
Synonyms Erysimum officinale, S. officinale var. leiocarpum
Name authority (Linnaeus) Scopoli: Fl. Carniol. ed. 2, 2: 26. (1772)
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