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Lewisia cotyledon

cliff lewisia, cliff maids, Siskiyou lewisia


gradually ramified distally.


ascending to suberect, 10–12(–30) cm.


basal leaves evergreen, sessile or abruptly or gradually narrowed to broad petiole, blade oblanceolate, obovate, spatulate, or rarely ± linear or ± orbiculate, ± flattened, 3–14 cm, margins entire, crisped, or toothed, apex truncate, emarginate, retuse, or rounded;

cauline leaves alternate, intergrading with bracts, blade oblong to ovate, 5–10 mm, margins glandular-toothed, apex acute to occasionally obtuse.


dense, paniculate to subumbellate cymes, 10–50-flowered;

bracts alternate or opposite proximally, 2 at each flowering node distally, obovate to lanceolate, 2–4 mm, margins glandular-toothed, apex acute.


pedicellate, not disarticulate in fruit;

sepals 2, suborbiculate to broadly ovate, 4–6 mm, herbaceous at anthesis, margins glandular-toothed, apex obtuse to truncate;

petals 7–10, usually pink-purple with pale and darker stripes, less often white, cream with pink-orange stripes, ± orange, or yellow, oblanceolate, obovate, or spatulate, (8–)12–20 mm;

stamens 5–12;

stigmas 2–4;

pedicel 2–5 mm.


3–5 mm.


4–15, 1.5 mm, shiny, smooth.

Lewisia cotyledon

from FNA
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Varieties 3 (3 in the flora).

The varieties occasionally co-occur. Natural hybrids with Lewisia leeana are known (see discussion under 8. L. leeana).

(Discussion copyrighted by Flora of North America; reprinted with permission.)

1. Basal leaf blade margins entire or slightly undulate, not toothed or crisped; petals (8-)12-14 mm
var. cotyledon
1. Basal leaf blade margins strongly crisped or toothed; petals 12-20 mm
→ 2
2. Basal leaf blade margins toothed.
var. heckneri
2. Basal leaf blade margins strongly crisped
var. howellii
Source FNA vol. 4, p. 480.
Parent taxa Portulacaceae > Lewisia
Sibling taxa
L. brachycalyx, L. cantelovii, L. columbiana, L. congdonii, L. disepala, L. kelloggii, L. leeana, L. longipetala, L. maguirei, L. nevadensis, L. oppositifolia, L. pygmaea, L. rediviva, L. stebbinsii, L. triphylla
Subordinate taxa
L. cotyledon var. cotyledon, L. cotyledon var. heckneri, L. cotyledon var. howellii
Synonyms Calandrinia cotyledon, Oreobroma cotyledon
Name authority (S. Watson) B. L. Robinson: in A. Gray et al., Syn. Fl. N. Amer. 1: 268. (1897)
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