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cowpen daisy, golden crownbeard

Habit Plants 10–50(–120+) cm (annuals, internodes not winged).

all or mostly alternate (proximal usually opposite);

blades deltate-ovate or rhombic to lanceolate, 3–8(–12+) × 2–4(–6+) cm, bases broadly cuneate to ± truncate, margins coarsely toothed to subentire, apices acute to attenuate, faces strigoso-scabrellous to sericeous.


± hemispheric to saucerlike, 10–20+ mm diam.

Ray florets


laminae 8–10(–20+) mm.

Disc florets


corollas yellow.


12–18+ in 1–2 series, ± erect to spreading, lance-ovate or lance-linear to linear, 6–8+ mm.


usually borne singly, sometimes 2–3+ in loose, cymiform or corymbiform arrays.


dark brown to blackish, narrowly obovate, 3.5–5+ mm, faces ± strigillose;

pappi 0.5–1(–2) mm (0 on ray cypselae).


= 34.

Verbesina encelioides

Phenology Flowering Aug–Oct.
Habitat Swales, disturbed sites
Elevation 10–2500 m (0–8200 ft)
from FNA
AL; AR; AZ; CA; CO; FL; GA; IA; IL; KS; LA; MO; MT; NC; NE; NM; NV; NY; OK; PA; RI; SC; SD; TN; TX; UT; WY; Mexico; South America; West Indies [Introduced in Asia, Pacific Islands (Hawaii), Australia]
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Native distribution of Verbesina encelioides in the flora area is uncertain. Plants of Verbesina encelioides from ca. 100°W (e.g., c Texas) and eastward usually have auriculate petiole bases and have been called var. encelioides; plants from the west usually lack auricles and have been called var. exauriculata.

(Discussion copyrighted by Flora of North America; reprinted with permission.)

Source FNA vol. 21, p. 108.
Parent taxa Asteraceae > tribe Heliantheae > subtribe Ecliptinae > Verbesina
Sibling taxa
V. alternifolia, V. aristata, V. chapmanii, V. dissita, V. helianthoides, V. heterophylla, V. lindheimeri, V. longifolia, V. microptera, V. nana, V. occidentalis, V. oreophila, V. rothrockii, V. virginica, V. walteri
Synonyms Ximenesia encelioides, V. encelioides subsp. exauriculata, V. encelioides var. exauriculata
Name authority (Cavanilles) Bentham & Hooker f. ex A. Gray: in W. H. Brewer et al., Bot. California 1: 350. (1876)
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