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Calochortus longebarbatus

long-bearded mariposa lily, long-bearded sego-lily, long-hair star-tulip, longbeard mariposa lily


usually not branching, 1–3 dm, proximal internodes very short;

bulblet in axil of cauline leaf at or below ground surface.



basal persistent, 2–3 dm;

blade linear.





perianth open, campanulate;

sepals ovate-lanceolate, 15–20 mm, apex acuminate;

petals light pink to ± lavender, with red-purple adaxial crescent distal to gland, widely obovate-cuneate, 20–30 mm, not ciliate, with a few long hairs;

glands bordered proximally by ciliate membrane, distally by short hairs;

filaments twice length of anthers;

anther apex obtuse to abruptly short-tipped.


erect, 3-winged, ellipsoid to ± globular, 2–3 cm.


light brown, irregular.

Calochortus longebarbatus

from USDA
w United States
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recent collections of calochortus longebarbatus from oregon exhibit intergradation in the characters that heretofore have been thought to distinguish the following two varieties (k. l. chambers pers. comm.), and their continued recognition may prove unwarranted

Varieties 2 (2 in the flora).

(Discussion copyrighted by Flora of North America; reprinted with permission.)

1. Perianth obconic-campanulate, petals not sharply bent at gland; basal leaves not reddish at base.
var. longebarbatus
1. Perianth broadly campanulate, petals sharply bent at gland; basal leaves reddish at base.
var. peckii
Source FNA vol. 26.
Parent taxa Liliaceae > Calochortus
Sibling taxa
C. albus, C. amabilis, C. ambiguus, C. amoenus, C. apiculatus, C. argillosus, C. aureus, C. bruneaunis, C. catalinae, C. clavatus, C. coeruleus, C. concolor, C. coxii, C. dunnii, C. elegans, C. eurycarpus, C. excavatus, C. flexuosus, C. greenei, C. gunnisonii, C. howellii, C. indecorus, C. invenustus, C. kennedyi, C. leichtlinii, C. luteus, C. lyallii, C. macrocarpus, C. minimus, C. monanthus, C. monophyllus, C. nitidus, C. nudus, C. nuttallii, C. obispoensis, C. palmeri, C. panamintensis, C. persistens, C. plummerae, C. pulchellus, C. raichei, C. simulans, C. splendens, C. striatus, C. subalpinus, C. superbus, C. tiburonensis, C. tolmiei, C. umbellatus, C. umpquaensis, C. uniflorus, C. venustus, C. vestae, C. weedii, C. westonii
Subordinate taxa
C. longebarbatus var. longebarbatus, C. longebarbatus var. peckii
Name authority S. Watson: Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 17: 381. (1882)
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