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Doug's Beach

Klickitat County, Washington

Doug's Beach State Park

Fees: WA Discover Pass

Activity: hiking

Elevation: 112'-1600'

Current status (as of 7/14/24): not blooming

Notes: The wildflowers are on the uphill side of the highway, not by the windsurfing launch site. Be sure to use a GPS-enabled map with exact property boundaries; there are no official trails, no fences or signs, and the owners of the surrounding rangeland (Schreiner Farms) are EXTREMELY unfriendly to hikers.

Peak wildflower bloom at Doug's Beach is typically from early March through April into early May, but there may be some flowers blooming from mid-February until the end of May.*

Typical year:

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* The dates given on this Web site for each location's blooming season are only estimates and can vary from year to year. Weather conditions in the winter and spring can shift these dates by up to a month, especially in the mountains. For the latest updates, check the Oregon Wildflowers or PortlandHikers Facebook groups, or browse the most recent postings to iNaturalist or Instagram.