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Nevius' garlic, Nevius' onion


1–5+, not clustered on stout, primary rhizome, ovoid, 1–2 × 1–2 cm;

outer coats enclosing 1 or more bulbs, light brown, membranous, ± reticulate, cells quadrate to polygonal, vertically oblong, without fibers;

inner coats white or pink, cells obscure, quadrate.


usually persistent, withering from tip at anthesis, 2, basally sheathing, sheaths not extending much above soil surface;

blade solid, flat or ± channeled, falcate, 12–25 cm × 2–3 mm, margins entire.


persistent, 1–3, erect, solid, terete or somewhat flattened, 2-edged, not expanded proximal to inflorescence, 15–30 cm × 1–3 mm.


persistent, erect, compact, 10–30-flowered, hemispheric, bulbils unknown;

spathe bracts persistent, 2, 5–6-veined, ovate, ± equal, apex acute.


campanulate to substellate, 6–8 mm;

tepals spreading, rose-colored, lanceolate, ± equal, becoming papery in fruit, margins entire, apex acuminate;

stamens ± equaling tepals, or exserted;

anthers blue-gray;

pollen light blue or gray;

ovary distinctly crested;

processes 6, 2 per lobe, low, rounded, margins entire;

style exserted, linear;

stigma capitate, unlobed;

pedicel 8–12 mm.


coat dull;

cells smooth.


= 14.

Allium nevii

Phenology Flowering May–Jul.
Habitat Heavy, rocky soils, wet meadows, or along streams
Elevation 30–1900 m (100–6200 ft)
from FNA
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Source FNA vol. 26, p. 267.
Parent taxa Liliaceae > Allium
Sibling taxa
A. aaseae, A. abramsii, A. acuminatum, A. ampeloprasum, A. amplectens, A. anceps, A. atrorubens, A. bigelovii, A. bisceptrum, A. bolanderi, A. brandegeei, A. brevistylum, A. burlewii, A. campanulatum, A. canadense, A. cepa, A. cernuum, A. columbianum, A. constrictum, A. coryi, A. cratericola, A. crenulatum, A. crispum, A. cuthbertii, A. denticulatum, A. diabolense, A. dichlamydeum, A. dictuon, A. douglasii, A. drummondii, A. elmendorfii, A. falcifolium, A. fibrillum, A. fimbriatum, A. fistulosum, A. geyeri, A. gooddingii, A. haematochiton, A. hickmanii, A. hoffmanii, A. howellii, A. hyalinum, A. jepsonii, A. kunthii, A. lacunosum, A. lemmonii, A. macropetalum, A. macrum, A. madidum, A. membranaceum, A. monticola, A. munzii, A. neapolitanum, A. nevadense, A. nigrum, A. obtusum, A. oleraceum, A. paniculatum, A. parishii, A. parryi, A. parvum, A. passeyi, A. peninsulare, A. perdulce, A. platycaule, A. plummerae, A. praecox, A. punctum, A. rhizomatum, A. robinsonii, A. rotundum, A. runyonii, A. sanbornii, A. sativum, A. schoenoprasum, A. scilloides, A. serra, A. sharsmithiae, A. shevockii, A. simillimum, A. siskiyouense, A. speculae, A. stellatum, A. textile, A. tolmiei, A. tribracteatum, A. tricoccum, A. triquetrum, A. tuberosum, A. tuolumnense, A. unifolium, A. validum, A. victorialis, A. vineale, A. yosemitense
Synonyms A. douglasii var. nevii
Name authority S. Watson: Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 14: 231. (1879)
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