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green threads, Hopi tea, Hopi tea greenthread, rayless greenthread

Habit Perennials or subshrubs, (20–)30–80+ cm.
Cauline leaves

± scattered over proximal 1/2–3/4 of plant heights, internodes mostly 40–100 mm;

lobes mostly linear to filiform, sometimes oblanceolate, 20–40(–50+) × 0.5–1(–2.5) mm.

Ray florets


Disc corollas

yellow, often with red-brown nerves, throats shorter than lobes.


of 3–5+ ovate to oblong bractlets 1–2(–3) mm.


5–8 mm;

pappi 1–2(–3) mm.


= 22, 44.

Thelesperma megapotamicum

Phenology Flowering (Apr–)May–Oct.
Habitat Disturbed places on sands or clays, oak/juniper woodlands, desert scrub, yellow-pine forests
Elevation 300–2900 m [1000–9500 ft]

Thelesperma megapotamicum sometimes persists after plantings outside its natural range in the flora area and may become established (e.g., in California).

(Discussion copyrighted by Flora of North America; reprinted with permission.)

from FNA
AR; AZ; CO; KS; NE; NM; OK; SD; TX; UT; WY; South America; Mexico (Chihuahua, Coahuila)
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Parent taxa Asteraceae > tribe Heliantheae > subtribe Coreopsidinae > Thelesperma
Sibling taxa
T. ambiguum, T. burridgeanum, T. filifolium, T. flavodiscum, T. longipes, T. nuecense, T. simplicifolium, T. subnudum
Synonyms Bidens megapotamica, T. gracile
Name authority (Sprengel) Kuntze: Revis. Gen. Pl. 3(2): 182. (1898)
Source Flora of North America vol. 21, p. 202.
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