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wing-stem camphorweed

long-leaf camphorweed

Habit Perennials, 50–200 cm; fibrous-rooted. Perennials, 60–150(–250) cm; fibrous-rooted.

minutely hirtellous to strigillose and sessile-glandular (winged by decurrent leaf bases).

sparsely arachnose.



blades usually lanceolate to lance-elliptic (proximal sometimes spatulate or oblanceolate), mostly 5–15 × 1–3(–4) cm, margins shallowly and closely toothed, faces minutely hirtellous to strigillose and sessile-glandular.

(crowded) sessile;

blades oblong to elliptic, lance-ovate, or ovate, mostly 8–20 × 3–7 cm (bases clasping to subclasping), margins coarsely and irregularly toothed, abaxial faces villous and sessile-glandular, adaxial hirtellous and sessile-glandular.


hemispheric to cupulate, 4–7 × 8–10 mm.

cylindro-campanulate, 9–12 × 6–9 mm (lengths mostly 2 times diams.).


white or rose-purple.

creamy white.


greenish to cream, ± stipitate-glandular (outer oval-oblong to linear-attenuate).

creamy white, powdery puberulent, sometimes sparsely glandular (mid phyllaries 2.5–3 mm wide).


in corymbiform arrays.

in corymbiform arrays.


persistent, bristles distinct.

persistent, bristles basally connate.


= 20.

Pluchea sagittalis

Pluchea longifolia

Phenology Flowering Jul–Aug. Flowering Jun–Oct(–Nov).
Habitat Moist or wet, open habitats, ballast deposit areas Brackish to fresh swamps, marshes, hammocks, lake shores, ditches, and canals
Elevation 0–10 m (0–0 ft) 0–10 m (0–0 ft)
from FNA
AL; FL; South America; West Indies [Introduced in North America]
[BONAP county map]
from FNA
[BONAP county map]

Pluchea sagittalis is adventive, probably a waif; it was collected as a ballast weed by C. Mohr near Mobile (1891, 1894, 1896) and by A. H. Curtiss near Pensacola (1886, 1901).

(Discussion copyrighted by Flora of North America; reprinted with permission.)

Source FNA vol. 19, p. 480. FNA vol. 19, p. 484.
Parent taxa Asteraceae > tribe Plucheeae > Pluchea Asteraceae > tribe Plucheeae > Pluchea
Sibling taxa
P. baccharis, P. camphorata, P. carolinensis, P. foetida, P. longifolia, P. odorata, P. sericea, P. yucatanensis
P. baccharis, P. camphorata, P. carolinensis, P. foetida, P. odorata, P. sagittalis, P. sericea, P. yucatanensis
Synonyms Conyza sagittalis, P. quitoc, P. suaveolens
Name authority (Lamarck) Cabrera: Bol. Soc. Argent. Bot. 3: 36. (1949) Nash: Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 23: 108. (1896)
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