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Chihuahua white pine, Southwestern white pine

Habit Trees to 30m; trunk to 0.9m diam., slender, straight; crown conic, becoming rounded to irregular.

gray, aging red-brown, furrowed, with narrow, irregular, scaly ridges.



twigs slender, pale red-brown, puberulous or glabrous, sometimes glaucous, aging gray or gray-brown, smooth.


ellipsoid, red-brown, ca. 1cm, resinous.


5 per fascicle, spreading to ascending-upcurved, persisting 3–5 years, 4–9cm × 0.6–1mm, straight, slightly twisted, pliant, dark green to blue-green, abaxial surface without evident stomatal lines, adaxial surfaces conspicuously whitened by narrow stomatal lines, margins sharp, razorlike and entire to finely serrulate, apex narrowly acute to short-subulate;

sheath 1.5–2cm, shed early.

Pollen cones

cylindric, ca. 6–10mm, pale yellow-brown.


cones maturing in 2 years, shedding seeds and falling soon thereafter, pendent, symmetric, lance-cylindric before opening, broadly lance-cylindric when open, 15–25cm, creamy brown to light yellow-brown, stalks to 6cm;

apophyses somewhat thickened, strongly cross-keeled, tip reflexed;

umbo terminal, low.



Pinus strobiformis

Habitat Arid to moist summit elevations, montane forests
Elevation 1900–3000m

In the northern part of the range, Pinus strobiformis overlaps P. flexilis and reportedly hybridizes with it. On average P. strobiformis has longer, more slender leaves and thinner, more spreading-tipped apophyses than are found in P. flexilis, and stomatal bands are not evident on the abaxial surface of its leaves.

(Discussion copyrighted by Flora of North America; reprinted with permission.)

from FNA
AZ; NM; TX; n Mexico
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Parent taxa Pinaceae > Pinus
Sibling taxa
P. albicaulis, P. aristata, P. attenuata, P. balfouriana, P. banksiana, P. cembroides, P. clausa, P. contorta, P. coulteri, P. echinata, P. edulis, P. elliottii, P. engelmannii, P. flexilis, P. glabra, P. jeffreyi, P. lambertiana, P. leiophylla, P. longaeva, P. monophylla, P. monticola, P. muricata, P. palustris, P. ponderosa, P. pungens, P. quadrifolia, P. radiata, P. resinosa, P. rigida, P. sabiniana, P. serotina, P. strobus, P. sylvestris, P. taeda, P. torreyana, P. virginiana, P. washoensis
Synonyms P. ayacahuite var. brachyptera, P. ayacahuite var. reflexa, P. ayacahuite var. strobiformis, P. flexilis var. reflexa, P. reflexa
Name authority Engelmann: in Wislizenus, Mem. Tour N. Mexico 102. (1848)
Source Flora of North America vol. 2.
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