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bighead rockdaisy, large head rock daisy, limestone rockdaisy, Nevada rockdaisy

Habit Perennials or subshrubs, 15–55 cm (often dense, profusely branched clumps, sparsely leafy); densely hirtellous.

petioles 1–6 mm;

blades usually elliptic, lanceolate, lance-ovate, ovate, or suborbiculate, sometimes linear, 4–8(–15) × 1–10(–12) mm, margins entire, irregularly and sparsely serrate, or serrate-lobed.


10–45(–80) mm.


borne singly or (2–3) in loose, corymbiform arrays, 6–9(–10) × 5–6(–8) mm.



Ray florets


Disc florets


corollas yellow, tubes 1–1.6 mm, throats tubular to subfunnelform, 1.6–2.2 mm, lobes 0.4–0.7 mm.


14–20, lanceolate to suboblanceolate, 5–6 × 1.3–1.9 mm.


narrowly oblanceolate to suboblanceolate, 2.5–3 mm, margins thin-calloused, short-hairy;

pappi 0, or of single bristles.

Perityle megalocephala


Varieties 2 (2 in the flora).

(Discussion copyrighted by Flora of North America; reprinted with permission.)

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Parent taxa Asteraceae > tribe Heliantheae > subtribe Peritylinae > Perityle > sect. Laphamia
Sibling taxa
P. aglossa, P. ajoensis, P. ambrosiifolia, P. angustifolia, P. bisetosa, P. cernua, P. ciliata, P. cinerea, P. cochisensis, P. congesta, P. coronopifolia, P. dissecta, P. emoryi, P. fosteri, P. gilensis, P. gracilis, P. huecoensis, P. intricata, P. inyoensis, P. lemmonii, P. lindheimeri, P. microglossa, P. parryi, P. quinqueflora, P. rupestris, P. saxicola, P. specuicola, P. stansburyi, P. staurophylla, P. tenella, P. vaseyi, P. villosa, P. vitreomontana, P. warnockii
Subordinate taxa
P. megalocephala var. megalocephala, P. megalocephala var. oligophylla
1.Leaf blades ovate, lanceolate-ovate or elliptic to suborbiculateP. megalocephala var. megalocephala
1.Leaf blades linear to lanceolateP. megalocephala var. oligophylla
Synonyms Laphamia megalocephala
Name authority (S. Watson) J. F. Macbride: Contr. Gray Herb. 56: 39. (1918)
Source Flora of North America vol. 21, p. 326.
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