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smooth penstemon


erect, (10–)18–90(–130) cm, glabrous proximally, usually sparsely glandular distally, not glaucous.


basal and cauline, not leathery, glabrous, not glaucous;

basal and proximal cauline 35–140(–170) × 8–24 mm, blade oblanceolate, sometimes lanceolate, base tapered, margins entire, apex obtuse to acute;

cauline 3–6(–11) pairs, short-petiolate or sessile, 28–95(–130) × 4–15 mm, blade oblanceolate to lanceolate, base tapered to clasping, apex acute.


interrupted, secund, (4–)12–38 cm, axis glabrous or glandular-pubescent, verticillasters 4–12, cymes 1–3(–6)-flowered, 2 per node;

proximal bracts lanceolate, (3–)15–75 × (1–)2–22 mm;

peduncles and pedicels glandular-pubescent, sometimes sparsely so.


calyx lobes ovate to lanceolate, 4.5–7.5 × (1.5–)2.1–2.8 mm, glandular-pubescent;

corolla blue to violet or purple, with violet nectar guides, ventricose, 19–28 mm, ± glandular-pubescent externally, glabrous internally, tube 6–10(–11) mm, throat gradually inflated, not constricted at orifice, 7–10 mm diam., rounded abaxially;

stamens included or longer pair reaching orifice, pollen sacs opposite, navicular, 1.6–2 mm, dehiscing incompletely, connective not splitting, sides sparsely to moderately hispid or pubescent, hairs white, to 0.2 mm, sutures denticulate, teeth to 0.1 mm;

staminode 13–16 mm, reaching orifice or slightly exserted, 0.6–0.8 mm diam., tip straight, distal 2–3 mm sparsely villous, hairs yellow, to 0.7 mm;

style 14–18 mm.


8–12 × 5–6 mm.


= 16.

Penstemon subglaber

Phenology Flowering Jun–Aug.
Habitat Sagebrush shrublands, clearings in fir forests.
Elevation 1600–3400 m. [5200–11200 ft.]

Studies of morphology and flavonoids confirm the distinctness of Penstemon subglaber from P. mensarum and P. saxosorum (M. L. Moorman 1982). Penstemon subglaber occurs primarily from the Teton and Wind River mountains of western Wyoming through the Uinta and Wasatch mountains to the Tushar Mountains in south-central Utah.

(Discussion copyrighted by Flora of North America; reprinted with permission.)

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Parent taxa Plantaginaceae > Penstemon > subg. Penstemon > sect. Glabri
Sibling taxa
P. abietinus, P. absarokensis, P. acaulis, P. acuminatus, P. alamosensis, P. albertinus, P. albidus, P. albomarginatus, P. ambiguus, P. ammophilus, P. anguineus, P. angustifolius, P. arenarius, P. arenicola, P. aridus, P. arkansanus, P. attenuatus, P. atwoodii, P. auriberbis, P. australis, P. azureus, P. baccharifolius, P. barbatus, P. barnebyi, P. barrettiae, P. bicolor, P. bleaklyi, P. bracteatus, P. breviculus, P. brevisepalus, P. buckleyi, P. caesius, P. caespitosus, P. calcareus, P. californicus, P. calycosus, P. canescens, P. cardinalis, P. cardwellii, P. carnosus, P. caryi, P. centranthifolius, P. cinicola, P. clevelandii, P. clutei, P. cobaea, P. comarrhenus, P. compactus, P. concinnus, P. confertus, P. confusus, P. crandallii, P. cusickii, P. cyananthus, P. cyaneus, P. cyanocaulis, P. cyathophorus, P. dasyphyllus, P. davidsonii, P. deamii, P. deaveri, P. debilis, P. degeneri, P. deustus, P. digitalis, P. diphyllus, P. discolor, P. dissectus, P. distans, P. dolius, P. duchesnensis, P. eatonii, P. elegantulus, P. ellipticus, P. eriantherus, P. euglaucus, P. fendleri, P. filiformis, P. flavescens, P. floribundus, P. floridus, P. flowersii, P. franklinii, P. fremontii, P. fruticiformis, P. fruticosus, P. gairdneri, P. gibbensii, P. glaber, P. glandulosus, P. glaucinus, P. globosus, P. goodrichii, P. gormanii, P. gracilentus, P. gracilis, P. grahamii, P. grandiflorus, P. griffinii, P. grinnellii, P. guadalupensis, P. hallii, P. harbourii, P. harringtonii, P. havardii, P. haydenii, P. heterodoxus, P. heterophyllus, P. hirsutus, P. humilis, P. idahoensis, P. immanifestus, P. incertus, P. inflatus, P. jamesii, P. janishiae, P. kingii, P. kralii, P. labrosus, P. laetus, P. laevigatus, P. laevis, P. lanceolatus, P. laricifolius, P. laxiflorus, P. laxus, P. leiophyllus, P. lemhiensis, P. lentus, P. leonardii, P. linarioides, P. longiflorus, P. lyallii, P. marcusii, P. mensarum, P. metcalfei, P. miser, P. moffatii, P. monoensis, P. montanus, P. moriahensis, P. mucronatus, P. multiflorus, P. murrayanus, P. nanus, P. navajoa, P. neomexicanus, P. neotericus, P. newberryi, P. nitidus, P. nudiflorus, P. oklahomensis, P. oliganthus, P. ophianthus, P. osterhoutii, P. ovatus, P. pachyphyllus, P. pahutensis, P. pallidus, P. palmeri, P. papillatus, P. parryi, P. parvulus, P. parvus, P. patens, P. payettensis, P. paysoniorum, P. peckii, P. penlandii, P. pennellianus, P. perpulcher, P. personatus, P. petiolatus, P. pinifolius, P. pinorum, P. platyphyllus, P. pratensis, P. procerus, P. pruinosus, P. pseudoputus, P. pseudospectabilis, P. pudicus, P. pumilus, P. purpusii, P. putus, P. radicosus, P. rattanii, P. retrorsus, P. rhizomatosus, P. richardsonii, P. roezlii, P. rostriflorus, P. rubicundus, P. rupicola, P. rydbergii, P. saxosorum, P. scapoides, P. scariosus, P. secundiflorus, P. seorsus, P. sepalulus, P. serrulatus, P. smallii, P. spatulatus, P. speciosus, P. spectabilis, P. stenophyllus, P. stephensii, P. strictiformis, P. strictus, P. subserratus, P. subulatus, P. sudans, P. superbus, P. tenuiflorus, P. tenuis, P. teucrioides, P. thompsoniae, P. thurberi, P. tidestromii, P. tiehmii, P. tracyi, P. triflorus, P. triphyllus, P. tubaeflorus, P. uintahensis, P. utahensis, P. venustus, P. virens, P. virgatus, P. wardii, P. washingtonensis, P. watsonii, P. whippleanus, P. wilcoxii, P. wrightii, P. xylus, P. yampaënsis
Synonyms P. glaber var. utahensis
Name authority Rydberg: Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 36: 688. (1909)
Source Flora of North America vol. 17, p. 181.
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