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white ramping fumitory

earthsmoke, small fumitory

Habit Plants 1-8 dm. Plants 5-50 cm.

, excluding peduncle, 2-3.5 cm;

bracteoles equaling or shorter than pedicels.

, excluding peduncle, 1-4.5 cm;

bracteoles 1/2-3/4 as long as pedicels.


pedicel rigidly arcuate-recurved in fruit, ca. 3 mm;

corolla 9-14 mm, spur 2-3 mm;

outer petals white;

inner petals white near base, deep red or dark purple apically.

pedicel straight and spreading to ascending in fruit, 1-3 mm;

corolla 5-6 mm, spur 1-1.5 mm;

petals pink or deep pink near base, deep pink or purple apically.


globose, slightly compressed, 2-2.5 mm diam., smooth or nearly so.

subglobose, frequently longer than broad, 1.7-2.5 mm diam., slightly wrinkled or shallowly pitted.


= 64.

= 32.

Fumaria capreolata

Fumaria vaillantii

Phenology Flowering spring. Flowering spring.
Habitat Waste places, ditches, cultivated fields Open, disturbed places
Elevation 0-50 m (0-200 ft)
from FNA
FL; sw Europe; n Africa [Introduced in North America]
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from FNA
ND; SD; Europe; w Asia; n Africa [Introduced in North America]
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The description here is taken in part from Flora of the Great Plains (Great Plains Flora Association 1986), where the specific epithet is misspelled "vaillentii," supplemented by measurements from specimens of European origin in the Harvard University Herbaria.

(Discussion copyrighted by Flora of North America; reprinted with permission.)

Source FNA vol. 3. FNA vol. 3, p. 357.
Parent taxa Fumariaceae > Fumaria Fumariaceae > Fumaria
Sibling taxa
F. officinalis, F. vaillantii
F. capreolata, F. officinalis
Name authority Linnaeus: Sp. Pl. 2: 701. (1753) Loiseleur Deslongchamps: J. Bot. (Desvaux) 2: 358. (1809)
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