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three-vein fleabane, threenerve fleabane

Habit Perennials, 15–90 cm; rhizomatous to subrhizomatous, fibrous-rooted, caudices usually branched, woody, thick.

erect, moderately to densely hirsute (hairs 0.5–0.8 mm), eglandular.


basal (usually withering by flowering) and cauline;

basal blades oblanceolate-spatulate, 30–80 × 6–20(–27) mm, margins entire, faces evenly hirsute to strigoso-hirsute, usually eglandular;

cauline blades lanceolate to oblong, oblong-ovate, or broadly ovate, nearly even-sized distally or sometimes mid largest (continuing to immediately proximal to heads, bases clasping to subclasping).


1–6(–21) in corymbiform arrays.


6–9 × 13–20 mm.

Ray florets


corollas blue to lavender, 7–18 mm (ca. 1 mm wide), laminae coiling at tips.

Disc corollas

4–5 mm.


in 2–3(–4) series, moderately to densely hirsute, minutely glandular.


1.6–2 mm, 2(–4)-nerved, faces sparsely strigose;

pappi: outer of setae, inner of 20–30 bristles.

Erigeron subtrinervis

Phenology Flowering (Jun–)Jul–Sep.
Habitat Opening and margins, roadsides, often shaded, ponderosa pine, pine-fir, mixed conifer, aspen
Elevation 1800–3000(–3500) m [5900–9800(–11500) ft]

Erigeron subtrinervis is variable in vestiture, perhaps reflecting gene exchange with E. speciosus. Erigeron speciosus var. mollis (A. Gray) S. L. Welsh may be a recurrent hybrid; it is identified here within E. subtrinervis.

(Discussion copyrighted by Flora of North America; reprinted with permission.)

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Parent taxa Asteraceae > tribe Astereae > Erigeron
Sibling taxa
E. abajoensis, E. acomanus, E. acris, E. aequifolius, E. algidus, E. aliceae, E. allocotus, E. alpiniformis, E. anchana, E. annuus, E. aphanactis, E. arenarioides, E. argentatus, E. arisolius, E. arizonicus, E. asperugineus, E. aureus, E. barbellulatus, E. basalticus, E. bellidiastrum, E. bigelovii, E. biolettii, E. blochmaniae, E. bloomeri, E. breweri, E. caespitosus, E. calvus, E. canaani, E. canus, E. cascadensis, E. cavernensis, E. cervinus, E. chrysopsidis, E. clokeyi, E. compactus, E. compositus, E. concinnus, E. consimilis, E. corymbosus, E. coulteri, E. cronquistii, E. davisii, E. decumbens, E. denalii, E. disparipilus, E. divergens, E. eatonii, E. elatior, E. elatus, E. elegantulus, E. elmeri, E. engelmannii, E. evermannii, E. eximius, E. filifolius, E. flabellifolius, E. flagellaris, E. flettii, E. foliosus, E. formosissimus, E. garrettii, E. geiseri, E. glabellus, E. glacialis, E. glaucus, E. goodrichii, E. gracilis, E. grandiflorus, E. greenei, E. heliographis, E. hessii, E. howellii, E. humilis, E. hyperboreus, E. hyssopifolius, E. inornatus, E. jonesii, E. kachinensis, E. karvinskianus, E. klamathensis, E. kuschei, E. lackschewitzii, E. lanatus, E. lassenianus, E. latus, E. leibergii, E. leiomerus, E. lemmonii, E. linearis, E. lobatus, E. lonchophyllus, E. maguirei, E. mancus, E. maniopotamicus, E. mariposanus, E. melanocephalus, E. miser, E. modestus, E. muirii, E. multiceps, E. nanus, E. nauseosus, E. nematophyllus, E. neomexicanus, E. nivalis, E. ochroleucus, E. oreganus, E. oreophilus, E. ovinus, E. oxyphyllus, E. pallens, E. parishii, E. parryi, E. peregrinus, E. petrophilus, E. philadelphicus, E. pinnatisectus, E. piperianus, E. piscaticus, E. poliospermus, E. porsildii, E. pringlei, E. procumbens, E. pulchellus, E. pulcherrimus, E. pumilus, E. purpuratus, E. pygmaeus, E. quercifolius, E. radicatus, E. reductus, E. religiosus, E. rhizomatus, E. robustior, E. rybius, E. rydbergii, E. salishii, E. salmonensis, E. sanctarum, E. saxatilis, E. sceptrifer, E. scopulinus, E. serpentinus, E. sionis, E. sivinskii, E. sparsifolius, E. speciosus, E. strigosus, E. subglaber, E. supplex, E. tenellus, E. tener, E. tenuis, E. tracyi, E. trifidus, E. tweedyi, E. uintahensis, E. uncialis, E. uniflorus, E. untermannii, E. ursinus, E. utahensis, E. vagus, E. velutipes, E. vernus, E. versicolor, E. vetensis, E. vicinus, E. vreelandii, E. watsonii, E. wilkenii, E. yukonensis
Synonyms E. glabellus var. mollis, E. speciosus var. mollis
Name authority Rydberg ex Porter & Britton: Mem. Torrey Bot. Club 5: 328. (1894)
Source Flora of North America vol. 20, p. 330.
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