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bhringraj, false daisy, yerba de tago


blades 2–10 cm × 4–30+ mm.

Ray laminae

ca. 2 mm.

Disc corollas

ca. 1.5 mm.


ca. 2.5 mm.


= 22 (as E. alba).

Eclipta prostrata

Phenology Flowering year round, mostly summer–fall.
Habitat Wet places, often ruderal
Elevation 60–1600 m (200–5200 ft)
from FNA
AL; AR; AZ; CA; DC; DE; FL; GA; IA; IL; IN; KS; KY; LA; MA; MD; MI; MN; MO; MS; NC; NE; NJ; NM; NY; OH; OK; PA; SC; SD; TN; TX; VA; WI; WV; ON; Mexico; Central America; South America; West Indies [Introduced in Europe, Asia, Africa, Pacific Islands, Australia]
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Source FNA vol. 21, p. 129.
Parent taxa Asteraceae > tribe Heliantheae > subtribe Ecliptinae > Eclipta
Synonyms Verbesina prostrata, E. alba
Name authority (Linnaeus) Linnaeus: Mant. Pl., 286. (1771)
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