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yellow butterfly palm


2–2.5 m;

segments 60–70 cm, strongly ascending.


yellow, ellipsoid, 2.0–2.5 cm; yellow;

apex acute;

stigmatic scar basal.


= 32.

Dypsis lutescens

Phenology Flowering spring-- through summer.
Habitat Moist organic soil over limestone in mesic hammocks and disturbed wooded areas
Elevation 0–10 m [0–0 ft]
from FNA
FL; native; Africa (native to Madagascar) [Introduced in North America]
[BONAP county map]

This species is a commonly cultivated ornamental palm in Florida, where it has escaped and sporadically naturalized in Dade County.

(Discussion copyrighted by Flora of North America; reprinted with permission.)

Source FNA vol. 22.
Parent taxa Arecaceae > subfam. Arecoideae > tribe Areceae > subtribe Dypsidinae > Dypsis
Synonyms Chrysalidocarpus lutescens
Name authority (H. Wendland) Beentje & J. Dransfield: Palms Madagascar 212. (1995)
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