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Calochortus bruneaunis

Bruneau mariposa lily, pinyon mariposa

Habit Plants usually bulbose; bulb coat, when present, membranous.

usually not branching or twisted, 1–4 dm.


basal withering, 1–2 dm;

blade linear.



bracts 2–4 cm.



perianth open, campanulate;

sepals with dark red or purple blotch near base, lanceolate, 1–4 cm, usually glabrous, apex acuminate;

petals white tinged with lilac, with longitudinal median green stripe on abaxial surface and dark red or purple crescent distal to gland, narrowly obovate, 2–4 cm, ± glabrous;

glands surrounded by yellow border, round, depressed, surrounded by conspicuously fringed membrane, densely covered with short, unbranched or distally branching hairs;

filaments 5–6 mm;

anthers yellow, blue, or maroon, oblong, 5–7 mm, apex obtuse.


erect, linear-lanceoloid, angled, 3–7 cm, apex acuminate.


yellow, flat.


= 14.

Calochortus bruneaunis

Phenology Flowering late spring–summer.
Habitat Dry brushy, grassy slopes, flats, pinyon-juniper woodlands
Elevation 900–3000 m (3000–9800 ft)
from FNA
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Source FNA vol. 26.
Parent taxa Liliaceae > Calochortus
Sibling taxa
C. albus, C. amabilis, C. ambiguus, C. amoenus, C. apiculatus, C. argillosus, C. aureus, C. catalinae, C. clavatus, C. coeruleus, C. concolor, C. coxii, C. dunnii, C. elegans, C. eurycarpus, C. excavatus, C. flexuosus, C. greenei, C. gunnisonii, C. howellii, C. indecorus, C. invenustus, C. kennedyi, C. leichtlinii, C. longebarbatus, C. luteus, C. lyallii, C. macrocarpus, C. minimus, C. monanthus, C. monophyllus, C. nitidus, C. nudus, C. nuttallii, C. obispoensis, C. palmeri, C. panamintensis, C. persistens, C. plummerae, C. pulchellus, C. raichei, C. simulans, C. splendens, C. striatus, C. subalpinus, C. superbus, C. tiburonensis, C. tolmiei, C. umbellatus, C. umpquaensis, C. uniflorus, C. venustus, C. vestae, C. weedii, C. westonii
Synonyms C. nuttallii var. bruneaunis
Name authority A. Nelson & J. F. Macbride: Bot. Gaz. 55: 372. (1913)
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