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needle grama

Habit Plants annual; tufted.

4-60 cm, outer culms of a tuft decumbent, sometimes geniculate, branched at the lower nodes.


2.5-10.5 cm, with (1)4-15 branches;

branches 5-45 mm, deciduous, densely pubescent (at least basally), with 2-10 spikelets per branch, axes extending 2-10 mm beyond the base of the terminal spikelets, apices entire;

disarticulation at the base of the branches, the break forming a sharp tip.




2.5-3 mm.


0.2-0.5 mm, membranous, lacerate or ciliate;

blades 2-5(9) cm long, 0.7-2 mm wide, flat or folded, adaxial surfaces sometimes with papillose-based hairs, margins usually with papillose-based hairs near the ligules.


spikelet on each branch with 1 floret;

lower glumes 1.5-3.5 mm, glabrous, narrow to subulate;

upper glumes 5.5-6.2 mm, densely pubescent, at least on the basal 1/2;

lemmas 5.8-6 mm, acuminate, unawned;

lowest paleas almost as long as the lemmas, bifid, glabrous;

rachillas prolonged beyond the florets for about 0.5 mm.


spikelets with 1 bisexual and 1 rudimentary floret, glumes unequal, glabrous, minutely scabrous on the keels; narrowly acute or acuminate;

lower glumes 1.5-2 mm;

upper glumes 5-6 mm, glabrous or sparsely pubescent basally, often divergent;

lowest lemmas 6-8 mm, veins pubescent, lateral veins excurrent as short (to 1 mm) awns, acuminate, midvein extended into a setaceous tip or a short awn;

lowest paleas 5-7 mm, bifid, veins often excurrent as short awns;

anthers about 2.5 mm, yellow or yellow and red;

distal florets reduced to a pubescent, 3-awned, awn column, awns 2-7 mm, exserted.


= 40.

Bouteloua aristidoides


There are two varieties, both of which grow in the Flora region.

(Discussion copyrighted by Flora of North America; reprinted with permission.)

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Parent taxa Poaceae > subfam. Chloridoideae > tribe Cynodonteae > Bouteloua > subg. Bouteloua
Sibling taxa
B. barbata, B. breviseta, B. chondrosoides, B. curtipendula, B. eludens, B. eriopoda, B. gracilis, B. hirsuta, B. kayi, B. parryi, B. radicosa, B. ramosa, B. repens, B. rigidiseta, B. simplex, B. trifida, B. uniflora, B. warnockii
Subordinate taxa
B. aristidoides var. aristidoides, B. aristidoides var. arizonica
1.Panicle branches with 2-5 spikelets, usually 5-16 mm to the base of the terminal spikelets, axes usually extending an additional 6-10 mmB. aristidoides var. aristidoides
1.Panicle branches with 6-10 spikelets, usually 15-35 mm to the base of the terminal spikelets, axes extending an additional 2-5(7) mmB. aristidoides var. arizonica
Name authority (Kunth) Griseb.
Source Flora of North America vol. 25, p. 255.
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