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palo-zorillo, vomitbush

Habit Shrubs or multi-trunked trees, 1–8 m. Stems branched at right angles, ± terete; branchlets with lepidote scales.

petiole 1–1.2 mm;

blade 1–3(–5) × 0.2–0.6 cm, base rounded, apex shallowly emarginate to rounded, abaxial surface densely lepidote, adaxial surface smooth.


terminating spur shoots, 1–3 cm, lepidote.


3–4 mm.


sepals (reflexed at anthesis), ovate, proximal pair 0.8–1.5 mm, distal pair 3–3.5 × 2.5 mm, abaxially lepidote, adaxially tomentose, hairs simple;

petals white, oblong, 3–6.5 × 2–3 mm;

staminodia 0–3;

gynophore 3–8 mm.


8–11 × 5–6 mm, dehiscing into 2–4 segments, constricted between seeds, mesocarp red.


3.8–5 mm.


= 16.

Atamisquea emarginata

Phenology Flowering early summer.
Habitat Desert scrub, arroyos or flats
Elevation 50-200 m (200-700 ft)
from FNA
AZ; Mexico (Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sinaloa, Sonora); South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile)
[BONAP county map]
Source FNA vol. 7, p. 196.
Parent taxa Capparaceae > Atamisquea
Synonyms Capparis atamisquea
Name authority Miers ex Hooker & Arnott: Bot. Misc. 3: 143. (1833)
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