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Flett's violet, Olympic violet

Habit Glabrous perennial from short, thick rhizomes, the stems 3-15 cm. long.

Leaves fleshy, petiolate, purplish-green, the blades reniform, 1.5-4 cm. broad, finely round-toothed;

stipules lanceolate, toothed.


Flowers 1.5 cm. long, the spur very short, yellow;

petals purplish-violet, yellow at the base, the lower 3 dark-veined, the lateral pair yellow-bearded;

style head well bearded.


Fruit a 3-valved capsule, ovary superior, placentation parietal.

Viola flettii

Flowering time June-August
Habitat Alpine rock crevices and talus slopes at high elevations.
Endemic to the northern Olympic Mountains, Washington.
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Origin Native
Conservation status Review Group 1 in Washington (WANHP)
Sibling taxa
V. adunca, V. arvensis, V. canadensis, V. glabella, V. howellii, V. lanceolata, V. langsdorffii, V. macloskeyi, V. nephrophylla, V. nuttallii, V. odorata, V. orbiculata, V. palustris, V. pluviae, V. purpurea, V. renifolia, V. riviniana, V. selkirkii, V. sempervirens, V. sheltonii, V. sororia, V. tricolor, V. trinervata, V. ×wittrockiana
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